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Ultimate website graphics + icons + cursors with AWicons

March 11th, 2009

It has been a long time since I had been waiting for a FREE software that could lt me create Website Graphic Design especially buttons, icons, etc. AWicons Pro is the perfect piece of software specially designed for this.

AWicons Pro is specially meant for use by professional Web Designers, Digital Artists, Advertising Specialists etc. Even novices can easily come up to the speed in using this software. It incorporates anti-aliasing not only for 32-bit images, but 24-bit (true color) and 256-color ones too.
It has a huge image list library and can save your modified files to various formats [bmp, png, gif etc].

AWicons Pro is available for FREE if you download and install within the next 23 hours. The timing couldn’t have been perfect as India celebrates Holi – The Festival of Colors, put your imagination to work to redesign your blog theme, websites etc.

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