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Airtel 16Mbps Gimmick + Impatient Contest

April 10th, 2009

Airtel seems to be in the mood for marketing gimmick these days. At first the Web was buzz with Airtel’s India Call Home Calling Card which was supposed to be sold at 1 cent / minute but the truth is the hidden fees like any other American Business.

Bharti Airtel no doubt has taken the lead in introducing 16 Mbps broadband which is the fastest in India. However, in our opinion it doesn’t deserve all the buzz as who would be willing to go for it and just download 20 GB data which can be done within a day ? If you go beyond the specified limit then you have to shed out Rs 0.5 / MB [yes per megabyte].

Airtel’s 16 Mbps broadband is promoted by ImpatientOnes Tag line. They have also started a contest to feature you, if you send them the most boring movie clip or text version of the same you have ever seen. [IMHO, this is the most boring contest ;-)]

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