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Amazon Offline Data Backup Web Service

May 22nd, 2009

Amazon the innovator for Web 2.0 and Cloud Storage is offering its services to customers who have stashed away Data on Backup Tapes and Drives. Amazon came up with this service after few very large data owners couldn’t transfer their files to Amazon S3 over their broadband networks.

All one has to do is ship your physical drive via snail-mail and Amazon will import the same to their S3 storage cloud and ship you back your drive by snail mail. Once amazon has your data on S3, you should be able to access it online 🙂

However, note that Amazon charges $80 / drive so make sure you ship them at least a Terabyte drive instead of few 250 GB drives. Here is the cost calculator for availing this service. Do let us know of your feedback about the turnaround time and data integrity after being transferred to s3 cloud.

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