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Google Voice will Kill Skype and Others

June 30th, 2009

Skype and other VoIP companies had ample time, close to had a decade to innovate and give unmatched consumer experience which never happened.

We all know Google doesn’t do things traditionally and always want its Engineers / Scientists to give the WoW effect to its end users. Early reports suggest that 4 terrific features of Google Voice are being appreciated by the community.

Screening of Incoming Calls – You have options – divert it to voice mail, listen to the voicemail while the caller leaves a message, answer and record the conversation.

Routing – Google’s algorithms allow you to route the calls to cellphone, wireline number or even make this as a primary phone

Transcripts of Voicemail – Google voice mail will let the customer have voicemail as a transcript [Not sure how efficient it is]

Easy Switching Between Calls – Using the “*” key and other options youcan easily switch between your curent conversation and other incoming calls.

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