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Gmail Drag + Drop for Labels goes Live

July 2nd, 2009

Google’s Email System since going Beta has changed the way users communicate. In a step towards taking Gmail towards Unified Communication, the Engineering Team rolled out Drag and Drop facilities around Labels [Folders or Link from Unix OS].

You can now drag and drop any e-mail from your Inbox to any of the Labels you have created.
Gmail by default will show you two of the Labels and then a More Link. From the More Link you can drag and drop as many labels as you want that need to be always visible on the Left Pane. OR Alternatively, you can goto Settings-Labels and enable which of the Labels to be shown on the Side pane so that instead of choosing it from the Drop Box, you can directly drag it to the Label available on the Left pane.

Truly unseen user experience with use of AJAX and other Web technologies.

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