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Netizens Love Google – Won’t Switch to Bing Soon

July 14th, 2009

J P Morgan Tech Analyst – Imran Khan conducted a survey on Google Vs Bing and this is what he concludes in his report.

A quarter of survey respondents were willing to try Bing, the vast majority (~98%) will not be switching to Bing as their primary search engine.

  • 59.1% of our respondents had heard of Bing and 24.9% tried the new Bing search engine
  • Only 38.9% used it more than 5 times last month
  • 38.3% think relevancy as the greatest strength of Bing and are happy with Sped and organization of the page layout.
  • AOL Search and ASK Search losing some control after the launch of Bing
  • 63% of current users are extremely happy and content with Google’s performance and innovation.
  • Market share of Bing likely to inch up to 9.4%

Good Luck to Yahoo! and Bing if they can come up with an extreme innovation to woo the Netizen.

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