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Moser Baer – LightScribe + Dual Layer DVD

August 18th, 2009

Moser Baer India, the global storage media player, has added to its vast optical storage media portfolio by introducing two new products viz. Dual Layer Disc – for more data storage capability and LightScribe discs – for professional labelling solutions.

The two new products formats, which have been successful in the international market, are now being introduced in India for the first time.

The dual layer product offers customers twice the storage capacity (up to 8.5 GB) of an ordinary DVD on the same standard size disc.

LightScribe is a direct graphic printing and labelling technology that enables customers to create own their labels using the optical disc writer.

Moser Baer’s LightScribe DVDs are available in 10-pack cake boxes at an MRP of Rs 430, while Dual layer DVDs are available in five pack jewel cases for Rs 700 and Rs 650 for 10-pack cake boxes.

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