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Create / Convert Documents to PDF Format

October 29th, 2009

You’ve always wanted to protect your documents from being tampered by business associates /colleagues. PDF format has come as a big relief. If you have been using Microsoft Office 2007 or Open Office then you are already equipped with “Save Document As PDF” feature. However, if you are looking at other alternatives, as a limited time offer, here is novaPDF.

novaPDF compatible with all Windows clients and Server edition lets you convert any printable document to PDF. Additional features include, Graphics compression, Page Margins and Page Zoom. You must download and install within the next 24 hours if you want it for FREE.

Create PDF Online:
You can use Google Docs to convert your documents to any of the following format – PDF, RTF, HTML, Text and MS-Word. The beauty of using Google Docs is you can also convert documents in batch. For this simply create a folder and have all the documents that need to be converted to PDF within it. Later, select “Choose how you want to download each kind of file” PDF is your option. Google converts all of them, Zips them and sends you by e-mail.

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