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How to Reduce / Compress Digital Pictures – FILEminimizer

December 17th, 2009

Digital Cameras have evolved and have come a long way in helping us preserve our memories as clear and as accurate as possible. However, in the light of this advancement, the size of the digital photographs have gotten only bigger and larger making it difficult to e-mail or share with friends and colleagues with poor broadband connections.

Addressing this problem, Balesio software developers developed ap roduct – FILEminimizer which will process your large photographs using the best algorithms for preserving quality and yet compress and reduce the size of the picture by as much as 90%. When we tried, a file of 5.5MB could be proccessed by FILEminimizer to reduce the size of it to just 0.15 MB

FILEminimizer is available for FREE, if you download and install within the next 24 hours.

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