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How to Optimize Windows System Performance ?

January 21st, 2010

We often find that the Windows Laptop / Desktop that we have been using has slowed down considerably when compared to what it was 6 to 12 months ago as a Brand New Machine 🙂 This is often due to some important windows management tasks not being performed like – Disk Cleanup and Fragmentation, Taking Care of Unused files, Dirty Un-installation that has left traces on HDD and Registry, etc.

But as a user my problem is – Who will Clean and get my System back to the Performance ? Here is a handy program – WinUtilities.

Using WinUtilities, you will be able to very easily boost your system performance atleast upto 50% as this application cleans registry, temporary files, internet browser cache etc. Aditionally, you can control the programs that load on bootup, fix broken shortcuts, delete duplicate files and get rid of unused un-needed software.

WinUtilities is being given away for FREE if you download and install within the next 23 hours. Do let us know your experience.

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