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How to Make Windows Vista Faster ?

March 5th, 2010

Microsoft Windows Vista was one of the Terrible Operating systems the company has shipped in recent times. However, with the release of Service Packs, they have kind of stabilized the build but yet far from the performance match Windows XP Professional offered to anybody. Here is a Quick Tweak Guide on hot to improve the performance of Windows Vista.

  • User Access Control can be Disabled – In order to control the Malware infection, this feature was introduced but it consumes a lot of system resources apart from requesting manual inputs every time the OS sniffs something malicious.
  • Disk De-fragmentation be Disabled – This is enabled by default and can be turned off as this one can slowdown the performance though it was expected to be active only when the user activity on the computer was none. Once turned off, run this utility, last Sunday of every month manually.
  • Disable Windows Search Indexing – Microsoft’s terrible quest to beat Google Desktop has ended in a catastrophy and users are the victim. Disable this module as search results are terrible. How to Disable – Right Click on My Computer – Choose General Tab – Uncheck the Option ‘Index This Drive for faster Searching’ If you are coming from UNIX background then it maybe worth whiel to try the findstr command on your Windows Command prompt
  • Disable Auto Launch – Vista loads many services during startup which are not at all needed by an average user. Turn off the services that are unnecessary by Control Panel – Admin Tools – System Configuration – SErvice Tab and Deselect – Offline Files [Unless you are using File Sync], Tablet PC Input, Windows Search, Fax.

Hope this will improve your Windows Vista system performance considerably.

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