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Windows – CCleaner – Wireless Network Meter

April 6th, 2010

In an effort to support the largest number of Software Developers in any Ecosystem – Microsoft optimizes its Kernel and Windows Systems and through its Developer Division releases the best software developing tool – Visual Studio. Making best use of the available opportunities in the ecosystem, two of the must have Add on utilities for Windows 7 and Vista Systems are CCleaner and Wireless Network Meter.

CCleaner – It is a 100% Freeware that cleans everything unnecessary on your System – Internet Files / Cache, broken Registry Links, Optimize Unused Disk Space / Files to speedup your system. We have tested the software and GUARANTEE that it doesn’t contain any malicious spyware. You can download this and enjoy it for FREE.

Wireless Network Meter – In the days where Telecom companies Bharti Airtel are resorting to Fraud, one has to be very careful about the Data Usage while one is using Wireless DataCard based Internet access. The Network Meter tells your – IP Address, SSID, Upload / Download Speed, Total Data Transfer etc. You can download Wireless Network Meter here. We have tested this software and except for the Speedtest, everything else just works fine. For Speedtest, we found BroadbandIndia’s module near to accurate.

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