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What is e-mail id for Printer + Cloud Computing by HP

June 8th, 2010

Global Printer Major Hewlett Packard, led by innovator and Vice President of Printers & Imaging business Mr. Vyomesh Joshi successfully towed the large company from the point of inflection by inventing e-mail ids for printers and having them on Printing Clouds.

So can it Print Microsoft Office Documents in the format Docx without even having the software installed on your PC ? Yes. It appears so.

E-mail id for Printer ? Yes, every HP Printer will now have an e-mail id thus bidding goodbye to Driver Softwares etc. Your Printer will now be on your network and will have access to the HP cloud where you can go on e-mailing documents and printing them on the printer 1 meter away from it or 1,000 miles away from it. It is highly likely that once logged on to your Printer’s e-mail you can select and print or delete jobs, because Spam is an integral part of the Web and we don’t want to print Spam.

Below is the first Photo printer which is e-mail aware unveiled by HP.
first pictures of e-mail ready HP printersHP has signed up with Google Apps which will share its Documents to the HP Cloud for easy printing. So what are the folks in Redmond doing ? Failed to spot yet another opportunity after miserable failure in Search and Mobile ?

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