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Convert Videos(Mobile, iPad) to HD DVD Quality

September 23rd, 2011

HD TV Models IndiaOnce you are accustomed to the High Quality Audio and Video experience of HD TV and DVD, you will even hate your iPhone Video Clips or any other hand-held device for that matter.

Chances are that you may have captured your loved ones on one of these devices and would love to see them with best effects in the home theater surround system of your living room. CinemaHD 2.0 is the piece of software that lets you accomplish this without even additional PC / Server hardware.

CinemaHD 2.0 uses complex algorithms, even Object Detection Upscaling to capture the Best Effect and produce extremely High Quality HD experience. CinemaHD 2.0 is available for FREE if you download and install within the next 22 hours. You can also purchase it for $40 from Engelmann.

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