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Free Uninstaller – Registry Cleaning Software

November 21st, 2011

Computer Registry CleanerMicrosoft built a great Platform of Windows Operating systems with thousands of partners, vendors and millions of Developers. However, as the Platform extended it left many holes to be plugged and one such hole is the complete removal of Software and Traces from the system upon un-installation. To address this very problem, Your Uninstaller a user friendly program is recommended for users.

The feature we like the most is complete Un-installation of any installed program completely, even corrupted ones or fix the same. It does take time but scans the full system and very easy to use without any expertise of Windows Systems Internals.

Trial Results
1. Installed smoothly (Win Vista Professional).
2. slick interface, very easy to figure out where are you at and what are you doing! (did not need to read much of instructions)
3. nice extra utilities – many are basic (startup manager, disk cleaner, windows tools)
4. interesting extra utilities (Trace Eraser!, and File Shredder)
5. used it to uninstall few old apps and deliberately uninstalled the latest windows update!

You can download and try for FREE if you install within the next 20 hours. After that you can Purchase the same from urSoft

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