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HTC Mobile shifting Focus to Camera from UI

March 2nd, 2012

HTC’s new models at MWC, particularly the enhanced camera feature (Image Sense) which echoes HTC’s thoughtfulness in user experience. However, it looks like it is the only spotlight worth highlighting among HTC’s many new features / specs, including Dropbox integration, beats audio, AMOLED, etc.

We are not sure if the camera feature is a killer application – both Nokia and Sony Ericsson have always had models with strong camera features, but they didn’t sell particularly well. Separately, Sony also highlighted its camera feature with its newly launched Sony Xperia S, which may become one of HTC’s strong competitors, as Sony has strong DSC technology.

Separately, it looks to us as if HTC is not highlighting Sense UI as much as before, given OS improvements to ICS as a result of Google’s standardization. HTC did highlight Dropbox integration with HTC’s Sense 4.0, which would be neither exclusive nor a killer application, we think. With more features being standardized, we continue to believe that commoditization is underway.

Here is a Comparison of Quadcore Android Mobiles Launched in MWC 2012.

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