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Review of Microsoft Windows 8

March 6th, 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 now appears to be very stable. It can be up and running live and with live apps from the app store. The User Interface has been finished and the fit and finish looked very good. We liked the ability to use touch together with the mouse and keyboard in any combination to permit users to have the optimum experience in any of the many form factors we expect from OEM partners. The adaptation for mouse and keyboard was better than we had expected, improving the potential upgrade opportunity for notebooks and Ultrabook touch devices.

Windows 8 on Tablet Vs iPad
Users like the touch interface of the iPad, so the fact that there is change to accommodate a new user experiences is not bad in and of itself. The issue is more how this is implemented across devices from tablets to Ultrabook touch and notebook devices, and desktops. The Windows team has made significant changes to the UI in order to optimize the experience for the introduction of touch across devices.

Our assessment is that the changes are easily discoverable and enable new experiences and form factors, and while they will require users to reorient to the new interface, this is a positive end result and is well implemented across devices.

Windows 8 Will be Available from Sept-2012 You can read more about Windows 8 and Kinect interface here.

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