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How Fragmented is the Android Mobile / Handheld Market ?

May 17th, 2012

Google has given away the Android Device Platform FREE for Consumer Electronics Manufacturers across the World. Google is even protecting them from patent lawsuits by extending Motorola’s patent portfolio. In the light of this, many companies jumped into the SmartPhone and Tablets game and have aggressively pushed Android devices in every possible market leading to the fragmentation of the same.

Why is android Fragmentation such a big deal ? Even though it is open source product barely any device manufacturer is investing in the OS R&D and is completely dependent on Google for the Upgrades and Bug Fixes [had a terrible time in Version 3 – Honeycomb]

OpensignalMaps actually started tracking the fragmentation of Android Device by a CrowdSourced Mobile application. And the outcome of the study across the world is as follows,

There are atleast 4,000 different types of devices running Android discovered by OpenSignalMaps. We wonder if Google is tracking internally the types of devices and has any mechanism to approach the OEM and keep the eco-system safe so that Bugs and Loopholes may not be exploited.

Samsung is the clear market leader with over 40% market share followed by HTC, Motorola and LG. No doubt Samsung made a quarterly profit of $5Bn on these devices 🙂 The version of android that is most popular is 2.3.3+ with 55% market share followed by Android 2.2 with 20% and so on and so forth. Where is the Ice Cream Sandwich / Android 4.0 ?

Now compare this to iOS of iPhone and Windows 8, Apple and Microsoft are the sole authorities deciding every detail of the Platform. What say will Google manage to combat iOS with this fragmentation or consumers will be in a limbo ?

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