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Will Google+ the Social initiative head the Google Wave Way ?

May 18th, 2012

Whether Google likes it or not, but Google+ Social needed to be something different, a WoW experience and 90% of the users who have already had the taste of Social Networking would expect a lot more than Google+ offered. The Product Managers at Google+ have missed it badly for atleast now as Metrics on the usage of Google+ has been tepid.

According to Data Analyzed by RJMetrics,

  • The average post has less than one +1, less than one reply, and less than one re-share [That’s a Pathetic Number in my View compared to what happens on Rival Facebook]
  • 30% of the users have just only one Public Post
  • Gap between two Public Posts is a whopping 12 days tells us users are far from being addicted like they are to Facebook now
  • The +1’s per post is an average of just 0.77

Now of the sake of comparison I randomly picked a friend of mine who is a Social-Elite and look at his Facebook Photos and Google+ Photo

Here his is Google+ Photo Albums

It is evident from the above two Albums that he is far more active on Facebook than on Google+.

Do let us know if you have any other Data specifically from Google about the traction in Google+.

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