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Look at Windows 8 Tablets + UltraBooks + AIO [All in One] as they Near Launch

June 8th, 2012

Microsoft partnered with major hardware companies from ARM to Intel on the CPU front and Cypress, Atmel for other microchips and designed a new eco-sytem of Hardware built on the Windows 8 Platform starting with Handheld Tablet to Ultrabooks to All in Ones. Microsoft’s main goal is to help boost business productivity with these offering part from inducting the new features of Touch and Metro Style UI.

Windows 8 Family of Tablets + Ultrabooks + AIOs [All in One] from Samsung, Asus and Acer

Ultrabooks will bundle with touch screens in 2013. According to Hardware PC analysts, 30% of total NBs will be Ultrabook in 2013F (vs 14% in 2012F). The touch penetration rate in NBs is expected to reach ~9% in 2013F based on our calculations, which is better than market expectation of around 4-6%.

Intel’s agreements with four touch companies (TPK, Cando, Wintek, and HannsTouch) focusing on high-quality 13″+ touch panels demonstrated Intel’s intention to accelerate touch penetration into larger-size NBs.

Windows 8 is also triggering more touch panel adoptions on AIO PCs. Based on market survey, we believe the touch solutions used are mostly capacitive touch, rather than optical touch (mainstream solution for AIO before Windows 8 comes out), as capacitive touch can achieve all flat-screen design, which is important for Windows 8’s swiping gesture from the edge.

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