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Windows Phone / Mobile 8 – Takes You Closer to Unified Ecosystem

June 26th, 2012

Windows Phone 8 Developer summit shows Microsoft’s strategic direction of the mobile platform and its integration with Windows 8. What is unclear to us whether this would be a reference platform or whether this may be a go-to market Microsoft branded handset especially after Microsoft taking the Plunge into Hardware business With Surface Tablets.

Windows Phone / Mobile 8 will share the same “Windows Core”. The integrated kernel, as well as other sub-systems and core elements of the Win NT architecture, allows cross-platform compatibility of apps between the phone, tablet, PC and servers. Microsoft confirmed that the existing 100k Windows Phone apps will run on Windows Phone 8 and is a positive as WP8 will have a body of apps from day one. The following article discusses in detail about hardware, applications, apps, NFC & communication stack, Enterprise support for windows mobile 8.

The company expect the release to benefit sentiment as WP8 has the potential to reverse market share losses in mobile. We believe MSFT is on track for a release with its HW partners around the time of Windows 8.

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