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Google Sound Search / Ears on Android Gives Complete Info of Songs

July 4th, 2012

The Google I/O event which unveiled Google Now for Android to compete with Apple’s Siri [Voice Enabled Search Interaction platform] has yet another extended application – Google Sound Search / Ears which Searches and Match a Given Voice / Sound.

Hackers found that Google has packed something more into Android 4.1 JellyBean – codenamed – Google Sound Search or Google Ears. What exactly does it do ? Suppose you are sitting in a restaurant and you like the music being played; On your Andriod SmartPhone, just tap widget on the to locate Sounds, it automatically listens to the Song and then connects on 3G or Wi-Fi Network to Google and looks for the best match for the song using complex Algorithms and then retrieves all the associated info like the Singer, Lyricist, Genere, Album, Release Date or Concert, etc.

You can also use this to Match Speeches of World Famous Personalities like Mahatama Gandhi. However, before you do so the speech must be available in Public Domain and Google Must have already crawled and indexed it with releveant information on the page which will now be served as ready to eat food 🙂 Isn’t that Cool ?

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