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Windows 8 + Integrated Communication + Cloud on Windows 8 – Microsoft Growth Engine

August 25th, 2012

The immediate challenge on hand for Microsoft is that it has to prove is that it is not caught in the death spiral of declining PC demand. With Windows 8, it enables touch-based hardware in new and interesting (more functional) form factors. Also, this enables new and interesting apps, including light-weight “disposable apps” that have a faster tempo of new releases and are accessible from the Windows Store in the cloud.

In addition, the pen input device should play well in the Office environment, enabling users to mark up documents on-line versus printing these out in hard copy, and then save documents to the cloud in a users default SkyDrivebased file, enabling these documents or files to be accessed by the user on any other Windows 8 device.

Enterprise Collaboration in the Form of Social Network – Yammer technology married to Office, enables collaboration, which is a big deal in architecting next-generation enterprise applications.

Integrated communications with the addition of Skype to Office (also leveraged in the future with Xbox and Windows Phone 8 so things like video conferencing can be done not only in the enterprise setting but also on the big screen at home for the kids to video chat with grandma through Kinect or for users of mobile devices to conference in and share documents or video chat).

SkyDrive enabling storage of files (Office documents as well as personal photos and music like with iCloud) which can then be accessed by other Windows 8 devices back in the office, on the road or at home. The ability to collaborate with colleagues, customers and friends should be facilitated with the cloud, and the ease of sharing files among users various devices should also be much easier in the cloud. Also, new versions of Office can be accessed as a service through the cloud from various devices as well.

In the next 2 months we see a new platform coming into play that should come together in a synergistic way to enable richer functionality for differentiation that could be important in markets that value Windows and Office compatibility. Windows 8 will be released on October 26th in India and Worldwide, and a new version of the Office suite (Office 2013) to roll out in phases beginning in October.

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