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Samsung Galaxy S3 sales cross 20mn mark in 100 days

September 7th, 2012

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 – initial sales began 100 days ago on 22 May – has just passed the 20mn mark, at a pace of 200k units per day. Geographically, Samsung sold 6mn of Galaxy S3 in Europe, 4.5mn in Asia (ex-Korea), 4mn in North America, and 2.5mn in Korea. Of note, sales in Asia and US have recently accelerated.

The shipment in 2Q12 is estimated at 6.5mn (for 40 days) and 13.5mn in the month of July and August. Assuming another 6mn shipment in September, the total shipment of Galaxy S3 in 3Q12F should reach c.20mn, exceeding both the company’s earlier guidance of 15mn+ and our existing forecast of 18mn.

Besides Galaxy S3, Samsung is forecast to sell 4~5mn of Galaxy S2 and 2~3mn of Galaxy Note in 3Q12F. With this, Samsung’s high-end smartphone shipment in 3Q12F may exceed our existing forecast of 23mn by 2~3mn.

In spite of the legal disputes with Apple that have pressured Samsung’s share price, we have reiterated that the impact of the issue on Samsung’s smartphone shipment should be limited.

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