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Continuuity Tools Enable Any Developer to Build Big Data Apps

October 24th, 2012

Big Data Development can be simplified with Continuuity tools and platform. With the new Big Data application serving platform, Continuuity AppFabric, plus suite of one-of-a-kind developer tools, now everyone can build Big Data apps. Get ready to be part of the next wave of Big Data app development.

Until now, if you wanted to turn your Big Data idea into a Big Data app, it was really hard. You needed specialized skills to develop the app and tons of resources to stand up and manage your Big Data infrastructure. Continuuity changes all of that.

By hiding the complexity of the infrastructure with our AppFabric and providing an awesome SDK, we make it fast and easy for you to build, deploy, scale and manage Big Data apps. It’s simple: come up with an idea, spend an afternoon using the Continuuity Developer Suite to build, test and debug your app, then push it to the cloud with a single click. Boom. Your Big Data app is born. Then switch contexts from development to DevOps and manage your app from the rich Continuuity UI, scaling up and down on demand. Time to business value is slashed.

Continuuity is accepting Developers for a Free Beta

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