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Global SmartPhones Market Share and Outlook for 2013

October 11th, 2012

Apple and Samsung rule bulk of the market, Nokia’s revenue share down to just 8%. Apple has a 34% share followed by Samsung 28%, RIM 2%, Sony Mobile 3%, Motorola 3%, LG 2%, ZTE 2%, Huawei 2%, HTC 4% and Others 10%.

LG, HTC, Nokia, RIM and Sony are all pushing hard to re-establish a position in the high-end market. While all these vendors have articulate, ambitious plans it is far from clear that any, let alone all, will gain material share in the over $400 category.

SmartPhone handSet Sales Forecast for 2013
There will be no material change in dynamics for the high end smartphone market. In other words, we continue to see Apple and Samsung dominate the high end market through 2013. Expect Apple to sustain its dominant position (by revenue) on account of its leading position in iOS applications, its horizontal and vertical integration and strong brand.

Also expect Samsung to sustain its position at the high end due to continued access to leading component solutions – such as a time to market advantage of 6 months or more for plastic backed unbreakable screens, internal chipset solutions and memory as well as leading manufacturing and distribution capabilities

Blackberry 10 unlikely to provide a boost for RIM
BB10s OS and UI may prove competitive (although this is far from clear) we continue to view RIM’s ambitions to control all vertical layers of the value chain (from manufacturing to OS/UI design, to 3rd party and in-house application development, on device and in the cloud) as overly ambitious given RIM’s size and history.

And on the newly launched, Windows Phone 8 Platform, expect it to Gain traction in second half of 2013.

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