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Facebooks Vs Google – Mobile Social vs Search – Advertisers Spend & Dilemma

November 16th, 2012

Google with its Search Advertising was the undisputed king in the Online Advertising World until Facebook opened its enviable Social inventory for Advertisers and got into serious business of monetization of user generated content. Google realizing this swiftly moved into Social space with the launch of Google+ a hybrid of Twitter & Facebook but so far hasn’t been able to get close to either of the two former platforms.

Obviously there was a big controversy around the impact of mobile and its impact on the reduction in Google’s cost-per-clicks. I’m just wondering whether mobile is incremental or is it cannibalizing desktop ? Well, What we see generally in paid search budgets – and we’re just talking about paid search, is that the budgets are still increasing, and they’re increasing pretty
steadily. So Google’s Search Turf is Safe for now. Don’t expect that to change, because even with pretty heavy bid inflation in paid search, it still remains a pretty solid value. It is also that one-click measurability, in general. It is very easy to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

As far as mobile versus desktop paid search, mobile has been intruding into desktop paid search, for a long time. This has been the case for at least a couple of years, and previously there was no way to split them out. One can expect to see a better distinction between desktop and mobile. For the most part, clients looking at their money as one big lump spent on paid search and not as paid search on mobile versus paid search desktop.

On Facebook Sponsored Stories
Sponsored Stories and Promoted Posts are much more expensive because more people tend to click on them [4x to 5x times higher] and interact with them. So they tend to cost quite a bit more money. Everything else – FBX, right rail – tends to be extremely inexpensive, because they have click-through rates that are typical of desktop right rail ads. You may get a 0.5% click-through rate. If you get a 1% click-through rate, you know something incredible has happened.

There’s some unhappiness among a lot of social media marketers that Facebook is, in a sense, “extorting” money from them to maintain their EdgeRank scores. This is to maintain the potential for their Pages and their Posts to show up in people’s News Feeds. The picture is a little muddy right now, because Facebook has been changing all of this so subtly and so rapidly.

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