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LingLing – English, Spanish and Thai Learning Android Apps

December 12th, 2012

LingLing AppLingLing has developed state-of-the-art app, that allow users to memorize words in English, Spanish or Thai 20 times faster. It uses spaced-repetition learning, which is based on the forgetting curve (discovered in 1885 but not well applied since that time. Also they mix studying language with fun – these two factors speed up learning process up to 20 times, trule an innovative educational aid.

“LingLing” – has database of 42.000 words & recordings in English, Spanish and Thai, translated into 18 languages. It gives the ability to learn over 10.000 words a year. No other computer program or app, or method could do that before.

Since the premiere of our application on Google PlayT at the end of November to present day, LingLing was downloaded by almost 20 thousand people all around the world. We think that this is a great result from a Apps Startup company.

LingLing is highly appreciated by people all around the world – average note of our application is 4,7/5 on Google PlayT. They have a lot of very positive comments from people who use LingLing daily.

You can download the LingLing English, Spanish and Thai Learning app for free at Google AppStore

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