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CES 2013 – SmartPhones, Tablets and TV – Central Themes by Exhibitors

January 12th, 2013

CES 2013 - SmartPhones and TV the Main ThemeThe Key themes in focus is mainly on smartphone and TV in CES 2013, while we didn’t see many new product launches from PC OEMs.

Intel is marketing its Clover Trail processors for Windows 8 tablets aggressively in CES 2013, and we do see interest from visitors in Intel’s booth. Among PC brands, Windows 8 tablets with Clover Trail processors from Asustek, Samsung, Lenovo, and Acer seem to be attracting more attention than other brands. The major differences between Windows 8 tablets with Clover Trail processors vs. Core i5/i7 processors include slimmer and lighter weight design, longer battery life (~10 hours) and more attractive pricing. Many PC OEMs target pricing of Clover Trail tablets starting from USD499 / USD549 and official launch time would be Feb/Mar. If these models could sell well given more attractive form factor and friendly pricing, we think consumers’ interest in Windows 8 tablets should gradually increase.

Influx of Low Priced android Tablets in 2013
Expect many new tablet brands, especially from China, coming to the market in 2013, though we notice that some of these models do not seem mature. Asustek should be one of the beneficiaries given its strong partnership with Google and improving economies of scale on the back of its success with Google’s Nexus 7 tablet project.

Qube with Google TV: Asustek announced Qube, its first Google TV device. The Qube uses the new Marvell ARMANDA 1500 platform that other Google TV platform use now. This device integrates Google Play and Chrome on-line services and pricing likely at the range of USD100-120

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