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Windows 8 Based Productivity Devices – Tablets , UltraBooks

January 11th, 2013

Microsoft Windows 8 Devices Apps DevelopmentiPad and Android Tablets maybe a big hit amongst general consumers. However, there is a Large user base who’d worry more about productivity on the go and at the same time looking for iPad like form factor devices so that they should be able to connect with their Mobile, Work Desk , Home and other Devices. We view that there is a large latent consumer demand for 10 inch plus devices that offer the functionality of both a tablet and that of a PC. There is still a large underlying demand for devices that have better portability characteristics than the laptop and better computing characteristics than the current crop of tablets.

Microsoft Windows 8 as an OS helps deliver such devices and there is a latent consumer demand, Windows 8-related units should end up surprising the market. Windows 8, given its various innovations, could fill that gap by enabling such devices, although eventual success should depend on the pace at which this eco-system can deliver ‘Apps’ that can expand its footprint from being largely a content creation oriented platform.

Q4 of 12 was going to be about the ‘proof of concept’ for such devices and that actual unit growth will show up as we progress through 2013. Initial feedback from users has been encouraging but challenges of educating the consumer base about this significantly new and different OS (from previous windows versions) are big, particularly given the surfeit of new mobile Internet devices in the market.

The Following Chart Shows the Comparison of Windows 8 Based Devices – Microsoft Surface Pro, Asus VivoTab, Asus Transformer Book Acer Aspire S7-391, Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 and Samsung ATIV Smart PC
Comaprison Windows 8 Devices

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