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Facebook Feeds to Drive Revenues

March 12th, 2013

World’s Largest Social Networking Site, Facebook News Feed currently captures the majority of users’ attention, but takes up less than 40% of the Facebook’s homepage screen real estate. Facebook Feeds
Facebook aims to change this by bringing images front and center for every type of story to make the News Feed a more visual experience. Ads that mimic organic posts could perform even better with the additional screen real estate.

Choice of Feeds
Facebook will allow users to engage more deeply with content and audiences via additional feeds. New feed types include:
1) “All Friends”, with every post in chronological order;
2) “Music”, enhanced with musician posts, concert info, album releases, and listening activity;
3) “Photos”, similar to Instagram;
4) “Following”, which includes every post from pages and public figures.

Here is a Detailed Analysis on the Facebook Feeds and How Advertisers will Gain from the same.

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