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Mobile Industry Focuses on the Next Billion Connections / Devices

March 26th, 2013

Billion Mobile ConnectionsFrom the early 1990s or the first “GSM” in Cannes in 1996 – when the event was still known as “GSM” (before 3GSM and MWC) and the industry was wondering how it would ever be possible to have 100m voice subscribers across 100 operators the world over – “mobility” as a theme has changed enormously. Today MWC 2013 is focused on not only the next billion(s of) connections, but how to drive the technology of “wireless” to leverage IP and how heterogeneous networks will become the connectivity platform for pervasive computing and the interactive digital era. Emerging market regions are becoming quite important to the entire mobile ecosystem as these markets are characterised by price-conscious consumers contributing higher volumes, high competition and increased device localization.

With the growth in data consumption through smartphones and tablets, from the network operators’ perspective, the major issues remain the delivery and monetisation of services and how to extract premiums in step with the rampant growth of data. How network operators can transform themselves, in step with businesses that are increasingly adopting mobility to enable business transformation and greater efficiency, agility and customer engagement re-emerges as the central theme.

Mobile apps have followed an accelerated path and have come up from “experimental”, through “useful” to become an “essential” part of everyday life in a short span of five years. The killer services and applications developed for the PC as a platform in the last thirty years are today facing competition from mobile applications, forcing all major enterprises to come up with a mobile strategy.

NFC services are continuing to be rolled out by mobile operators, payment providers and handset manufacturers, and mPayment, mHealth, and mGaming are emerging as the new applications of this mobility trend. While mobile innovation has happened at a rapid pace.

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