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Mobility – Big Opportunity for IT Development Companies

April 2nd, 2013

Mobility Software AppsWith tablets and smartphones increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives, clients are recognizing the need to offer similar level of customer engagement across these platforms. This trend of going “mobile” has presented significant new opportunities for services companies – ranging from design and development of mobile applications to specialized security and support on these platforms.

As revenues are under pressure, clients are seen as reluctant to lag behind on customer centric trends. In this context, many of these mobility projects are no longer seen as fully discretionary in nature. For example, developing a mobile banking application is not a choice for a bank, it is a necessity.

Given the volatile nature of demand, new buyers have emerged within the client organizations in addition to the CIO. Clients are looking for more nimble and shorter term contracts. Contracts are thus moving away from traditional “time and material” to outcome-based, revenue share and other models.

IT companies also have to deal with changes in staffing requirements – with greater demand for domain experts who can
keep pace with changing requirements and scope. In this regard, we note that most Tier I companies have a history of hiring subject-matter experts and non-engineers into the company.

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