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Samsung Mobiles – New Market Leader in India – Nokia the Biggest Loser

April 26th, 2013

Samsung Mobile IndiaSamsung Mobiles India has become the new leader in the Indian SmartPhone market replacing the Arrogant and Non Indian Friendly Nokia Mobiles. According to release by Gartner, Samsung Now has a 40% market-share of SmartPhones in India followed by Blackberry at 7.2%, Nokia 7%, HTC 5% , Sony 3%, LG 2%, Apple iPhone 1.5% and others have the rest.

Samsung has managed to increase its smartphone share in India from around 15% in Q111 to over 40% most recently driven by the success of range of Galaxy smartphones. Samsung increased its smartphone market share by shipping an estimated 68 million smartphones. Apple has changed its marketing strategy in India after the launch of iPhone 5 and has captured good amount of Revenue Market Share in India though volumes are still low. Nokia lost the market due to absence of innovation and Third Rate Customer Service and Looking Down Upon Indian Mobile Buyers compared to Europeans.

The following chart shows the MarketShare of Mobile Handset Makers in India

One of the key hurdles preventing rapid data / 3G adoption in India is the lack of affordable smartphones, in our view. We believe the industry finding new models to sell higher-end smartphones is a positive trend for the data story of Indian telcos.

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