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Console Gaming War – XBox One Vs Playstation 4

May 27th, 2013

Console Gaming WarsMicrosoft has unveiled the xBox One game console, the successor to xBox 360, featuring a stronger CPU and GPU, a larger HDD, a Blu-ray disc drive, and a new Kinect with improved voice/motion detection and Skype video chat. You can read the Complete Hardware Specifications, Accessories & Peripherals supported by XBox and PlayStation 4 here.

Features such as Skype integration, xBox One Guide (personalized TV content guide), Instant Switch, and Snap Mode (Web browsing while watching Movies) are not available on PS4 and are likely big selling points for non-gamers. For core gamers, Sony will likely have similar cloud media storage and video recording tools, but MSFT is significantly expanding its data centers to support larger online multi-player battles.

Microsoft has closed the gap to Sony vs. last cycle. xBox One’s specs do not have as big of a “wow” factor as PS4, and Sony may have the potential to become the preferred console for hard-core gamers given the technology differential and focus on games (vs. multi-media).

Microsoft has compelling living room features, more proprietary content and the xBox Live base, while Sony has slightly more compelling technology and a core gamer focus. We think pricing and launch titles (not yet announced) may drive the early
lead in the console cycle. xBox could appeal to a broader audience than Sony PS4, but will not be backward compatible and will crimp the used game market.

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