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Baidu Gets Ahead of Google Maps Introduces Taxi Booking Overlay

July 23rd, 2013

Baidu Maps Better than Google in InnovationIn China, mobile map users increased 12% QoQ to 354m in 2Q13. With regard to product penetration, Baidu assumed the lead with a 35.5% share, followed by AutoNavi (26.7%), and Google Maps (24.9%). The rest of the pack each had less than 10%. Most users accessed mapping applications to look for places (51.3%), while basic positioning (45.1%), public transportation-based route planning (42.9%) and automobile navigation (40%) followed.

Among the more notable incremental functionality we have seen added to China’s leading mapping apps of recent, we have seen the following,

Integration with taxi booking apps: Baidu for instance introduced a Kuaidi Taxi Booking overlay in latest maps update, while Autonavi rolled out the Didi Taxi Booking app.

Deep cooperation with other third-party apps: Both Baidu and Autonavi now offer consumer reviews from Dianping for hotel bookings. A growing range of transactions can now be completed within the app (by leveraging an embedded browser). In the travel space, Baidu for instance uses Qunar, while Autonavi uses Ctrip.

Cooperation with the automobile navigation segment: Baidu recently announced plans to cooperate with Ford to introduce Baidu Maps into various Ford models. Users plan routes on mobile and push them into the car’s navigation system. AutoNavi meanwhile is more advantaged due to its existing leadership in the automobile navigation business.

Baidu is doing a commendable job in taking on Google Maps which is healthy for the innovation eco-system.

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