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Tencent Still Focus on Mobile through WeChat Platform

August 12th, 2013

Low Cost iPhone in China IndiaTencent, the Chinese Internet & Mobile Giant said that the focus is still on Mobile. The launch of WeChat 5.0 is a key development milestone as we anticipated. Key focuses are: 1) Functionality of the Game center, launch games and monetization strategy as well as likely balance between self developed and 3rd-party games. Development activity and progress toward integration with mobile Qzone and the Web games platform; 2) barcode scanning capability which should facilitate Tencent’s O2O (online to offline transaction) initiatives, consolidating SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) concepts; 3) Integration of mobile payment and its gearing towards both virtual and real goods.

Including user traction and advertising costs associated with the company’s drive via WeChat into SE Asia and India. We will also seek color here around potential timeline for international monetization. In terms of geographical reach, margin progression and differentiation as well as continued investment burden. Also looking for color around potential for eComm integration into the company’s social platforms to offer targeted non-intrusive promotions geared around user interests and needs.

Going forward, Tencent should provide an increasingly seamless user experience between fixed and mobile platforms. This lays the foundation for significant growth from mobile games (via WeChat and Qzone)

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