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Facebook Mobile Most Used Platform on SmartPhone

September 10th, 2013

Mobile usage of Platforms - Top 10 GlobalThe most important and impactful trend in the Internet sector, in our view, has and will likely continue to be the growth in Internet usage on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Internet Companies with strong positions on mobile platforms as better positioned longer term than those without. For the sake of comparison, the ratio of a company’s total minutes spent by its users on its mobile properties as compared with total minutes spent on its Laptop / Desktop properties using the comScore Data to define “mobileness” of a company.

From the chart above it is evident Facebook is the clear mobileness leader, followed by YELP, Google and then Yahoo. This metric has increased significantly for each company over the past 15 months, FB and YHOO have grown at a materially faster rate than their peers. Clearly, YHOO has benefited since the acquisition of Tumblr.

YAHOO has made a clear push to make mobile a major focus of its core turnaround strategy, and this mobileness data is encouraging in that regard.

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