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How to Effectively Monetize Mobile Advertising ?

October 21st, 2013

mobile advertising monetizationGiven the size difference between small screen compared to a large screen, effective monetisation of mobile advertisements still remains challenging. This still has to evolve as the webpage design has to be more adapted to both mobile as well as a tablet screen size to give the user a more continuous experience.

As quoted by the founder of a digital ads agency,

Migration to mobile isn’t stopping. If you see its 25% of your traffic now, it’ll be 50% next year. And if they don’t create mobile-specific campaigns and invest in innovative mobile sites, it’s going to be a real challenge to remain relevant in 2013 and 2014 and beyond

Hence, the evidence of improving ROI is critical for advertisers to increase spending on mobile ads. Facebook and Google have made attempts to better integrate pricing on desktop and mobile ads as they try to improve monetisation from mobile ads. Google requires advertisers to place desktop bid price as a percentage of bids they place for mobile ads while desktop and mobile news feed is sold at similar prices at Facebook. iOS reportedly leads in terms of mobile ad monetisation. It has close to 44% of mobile traffic and 49% of ad revenue.

Some of the challenges in mobile advertising as noted by various markets – some of the more prominent ones are the fragmentation of device OS (AndroidiOS/Others), lack of expertise in ad agency in mobile advertising and difficulty in creating content (rich media) which is suited to mobiles.

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