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Implications of the new iPad AIR on Component Vendors

October 25th, 2013

iPad AIR Component vendors ImplicationsApple Inc, refreshed the iPad Product line with the launch of iPad AIR and reducing the price of iPad Mini along with uniofrm deployment of Systems platform.

In iPad mini, Apple (AAPL.O; US$519.87; 2) improves resolution to 2048×1536 (vs. 1280×1024); finally all the iPad 5 and mini resolution is the same. It will provide OS/Apps developers the same environment and most important provides a uniform user experience. However, the iPad mini screen is only 7.9”; with this upgrade we estimate PPI (pixel per inch) will increase to 326 PPI (vs. 163 PPI in Mini1) In terms of display supplier, LGD uses traditional A-si TFT tech to produce while Sharp uses Oxide TFT. Because this is the first time conventional A-si produces in so high resolution in Apple’s product, we believe there are some engineering issues LGD has to overcome it. We expect mass production to start in Oct.

WE believe retina mini spec upgrade trend to increase panel/BLU/ASP as well as LED usage. We believe Radiant (BUY) and Coretronic (NR) are the major suppliers and gain share at the expense of Heesung (LGD subsidiary) and Minebea (JP). Although Epistar and Everlight do not directly ship to retina iPad, but non-Apple brands and China white box makers will increase resolution as Apple did, this retina display trend becomes the long-term demand growth driver to LED makers.

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