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How Big is the instagram Platform with Active Users Data ?

November 6th, 2013

Instagram Montly Active UsersInstagram was the World’s Most Photo Sharing Platform threatening the dominance of Facebook and thus the latter bought it and has grown the platform beyond anybody’s expectations. Just a while ago, Facebook has disclosed about Instagram Active and Total user Data and also the Instagram Grand Plan for Monetization which is expected to add another Quarter million Dollar to Facebook’s Topline.

Instagram had 100mn Monthly Active Users [MAUs], up from 22mn MAUs when Facebook announced its acquisition of Instagram in April 2012. When Facebook launched Instagram videos on June 20, it also commented that Instagram had over 130mn MAUs. Finally, on October 3 when Instagram announced in a blog post that it would begin showing ads, it noted that the service had more than 150mn MAUs.

Instagram MAUs grew roughly 15% qoq in 3Q13 to over 150mn from more than 130mn at the end of 2Q13, which is roughly 0.6X the qoq growth of Facebook’s mobile-only MAU growth of 25% qoq in 4Q12.

Benchmarking mobile-only ARPU
To see what each Instagram MAU might be worth in new ad revenue, we estimate Facebook’s mobile-only ARPU for 2Q12 through 1Q14, the quarters to which we mapped Instagram’s current stage in its life cycle. We note that with our Instagram ARPU estimates tracking Facebook’s mobile-only ARPU, if we assume Instagram’s ad load also tracks Facebook’s for the first five quarters of mobile ads, this would imply that the CPMs for the respective periods match as well. This is significant given the recent increases in pricing Facebook has seen in mobile.

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