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How Big Brands Dominate Mobile Search Ranks / Advertising?

March 4th, 2014

Amazon Biggest Online Shopping BrandYou already know that mobile has been and will likely continue to be the key driver of growth, innovation and disruption in the Internet sector. But, for mobile to develop into a sustainable and viable consumer platform, we believe a vibrant advertising environment must also develop. As the largest category of desktop ad spend with >40% share, it makes sense that search should be a meaningful part of the mobile ad equation. For Google, the clear search leader we estimate mobile ad revenue exceeded $12bn in 2014. This, however, is just an estimate and historically there has been limited data about the mobile ad market.

According to AdGooroo’s search advertising spend on mobile devices, Amazon not only is by far the largest desktop search advertiser, but also dominates the mobile search landscape (with nearly 4x the impressions relative to its nearest competitor Best Buy). The top 20 list is dominated by well-established offline brands, not by mobile startups. ~75% of the top mobile search advertisers are also top desktop / tablet search advertisers (though ~25% are exceptions, such as Apple iTunes, ActiveBeat, Pizza Hut, DirecTV, Wells Fargo and Chase). In a positive sign of the performance of mobile search advertising, transactional industries like retail , telco and banks as shown below in the chart.
Top Mobile Search Advertisers

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