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The Next Growth Engine of Internet Companies

March 28th, 2014

Internet CompaniesWith the $19 Bn acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook, investors across the world are in Hunt for high growth Internet Companies. Here are some thoughts for Entrepreneurs to venture and get multi-bagger returns.

How to stand out in B2B Market Segment ?
The two key areas that will help internet companies stand out in B2B platforms: (1) the provision of services for small and mid-size companies, particularly in the food and MRO markets, where there is still significant scope to move online, and (2) dominant cost performance or an extensive database.

B2C Segment
In B2C media and digital advertising services, we believe the key issues for companies are whether they can utilize large volumes of data about user behavior to: (1) develop effective marketing strategies and (2) shift to high value-added advertising that targets reaching people rather than selling ad spots. However, we see a risk that the growth in the digital advertising market may not be sufficient to accommodate the high number of new market entrants recently and consequently believe that the possibility of sector consolidation requires attention.

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