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TripHobo – Your Vacation Itinerary Planner

July 14th, 2015

tripHobo - Intinerary PlannerThe travel industry has seen disruption over the last 20 years with the advent of the Internet came the Online Ticket & Hotels Booking. However, with rapid penetration of SmartPhones and 3G/4G Mobile Broadband, Apps are leading the Innovation platform providing services and data what the potential consumer needs. If you thought StayZilla and Zo Rooms are the apps which help you find accommodation, think about TripHobo the complete Vacation Itinerary Planner.

TripHobo believes that customization of travel is the fastest growing trend and city tourism is the largest segment – accounts for 47% of the travel spend globally. TripHobo helps users plan their itinerary based on the trip planned by other users. It includes curated content (for example, best time to visit a place). This is live with 300 activities and the company should have 5000 activities by the end of the year. It currently covers 500 destinations and has 100k planned trips on the platform, which users can use to make their own itinerary.

The company believes that there are four essentials for travel – 1) attractions, 2) accommodation, 3) activities and 4) restaurants. The platform currently is an aggregator but not a booking engine. The company has tied-up with Meta Search (for price comparison) to recommend (Skyscanner), which it believes is the first step in monetization. Any bookings done on Booking.com will lead to a revenue share while Skyscanner will help it receive price per click.

It plans to expand the list of activities by next year to include attractions, activities, hotels, entertainment as part of travel planning. It has tied up with Zomato for restaurant content for 40-45 cities and will partner with multiple such partners for the remaining cities.

The company claims that Thomas Cook saw a 25% increase in leads for international holidays after the tie-up with click to conversion ratio of 7-10% (v/s 2-3% as is the average). 10k trips per month are being created with an average of 4 days/trip. The company estimates that it can potentially make US$5-10/day across 500 cities once the platform is evolved to allow for book.

We think that Facebook has so much data which can be utilized for solving the problem which TripHobo has attempted to do so but lacks high quality engineering & product management team which in our opinion they should pull from Google & Amazon.

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