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Rise and Rise of AI / Machine Learning

July 14th, 2016

Rise of AI Machine LearningThe growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning has recently accelerated due to: 1) access to faster, cheaper computing power, 2) easier application development due to the release of various open source software frameworks, and 3) increased capabilities of AI due to new techniques such as deep learning. Due to
these innovations, we believe an AI arms race may be breaking out, with large tech companies racing to monetize their unstructured proprietary data sets ahead of the competition.

We see two key areas: 1) Big Data. AI can mine immense, non-standardized data sets and categorize and provide insights on the data. We believe that hyperscale companies are on the leading edge of machine learning based data analytics due to their vast warehouses of data; companies such as Amazon and Google also offer machine learning based data analytics as a service. 2) More intuitive interfaces. Computing interfaces are becoming more intuitive and easy to use. We believe the next evolution will be voice and gesture recognition, as well as “conversational UI” and more “virtual” interactions, with machine learning able to interpret natural forms of communication.

Driverless Cars & 5G Telecommunications
Autonomous driving requires automobiles to respond to a wide array of constantly changing sensory inputs (other automobiles, pedestrians, debris, etc). We believe that the interpretation of diverse data sets is well suited for machine learning and 5G networks may be required to support this.

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