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IBM’s Software Stack for New Digital Enterprise of 2020

August 31st, 2016

IBM Enterprise Software Stack 2020IBM long regarded as a sleeping giant took a deep plunge with initiatives which are a combination of Analytics, Cloud Computing, Social, Mobile and Security,and combined have been growing “double-digits” over the past few years. They have readied enviable Software Stacks to enable Enterprises to go Digital with high RoI by 2020.

IBM Watson uses machine learning and deep learning algorithms to make predictive analysis that’s “evolves” or “learns” with every new bit of information. Watson also has natural language processing (NLP), as well as speech and image recognition built into its Watson platform, and is already being used in Ad Service, Investments, Retail and Media industries. In the Digital era, the ability to have Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive based platforms puts IBM well above the traditional IT service market.

IBM Watson Knowledge Studio: This is a cloud based application which allows industries to customize natural language processing for their sectors, by training Watson on their domain (thereby improving the systems’ expertise). IBM Watson Knowledge Studio which is currently priced at $4,000/month/10 users.

The Watson Explorer is IBM’s enterprise search service capable of cognitive computing . It accesses and analyses structured and unstructured content and presents analytics and cognitive insights in a single view. Available by contract through IBM’s Passport/ Passport Advantage.

Watson Developer Cloud analyzes texts, images and videos, building upon Watson APIs to create cognitive apps. It is available as a PaaS offering, and the aforementioned Engagement Advisor, Explorer, Knowledge Studio and Company Analyzer are cognitive applications on the Developer Cloud.

IBM Watson Engagement Advisor offers companies the ability to equip their applications with the natural language interfacing tools needed to enable the chatbot experience. Chatbots can respond to frequently asked questions and they can allow users control of applications using commands in natural language. IBM currently charges $0.0089 USD/ API call for the NLP service.

While Steve Ballmer at Microsoft was lost in Search and Mobile Platform battle with Google, IBM Quietly built the tools that matter most to the next generation of Enterprise Applications showing a massive RoI adopting new digital technologies by corporates.

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