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Samsung and Micromax Lead in Indian SmartPhone Market

August 24th, 2016

Micromax - Samsung Leaders in Indian SmartPhoneThe Indian SmartPhone market which is currently the 3rd Largest Globally and mostly dominated by the Android Platform devices is controlled by Samsung at Higher and Mid end, followed by Micromax leading in the at Mid and entry level segment of SmartPhones.

One of the key reasons for Samsung’s success in India is the depth of portfolio at various price-points catering from mid-range to high-end top of the line feature packed phones. This makes Samsung a natural replacement phone for any consumer upgrading. In our view, a “High quality product” is Samsung’s key proposition in the market. Samsung is looking to create a new high-end market with more diversified curved/flexible display form factors. This should be Samsung’s unique differentiation as we have witnessed with the GS6 Edge (dual-edge screen using curved OLED). Although curved phones offer mainly better design rather than innovative functions, next generations would be more upgraded in our view.

Micromax Informatics is the second largest smartphone producer in India. Over the past decade, Micromax has offered affordable innovations through its product offerings and removing barriers for large-scale adoption of advanced technologies in India. One of the key strengths of Micromax is its strong distribution network mainly in semi-urban and rural areas. This provides it a sustainable advantage over its competitors in these areas. Micromax is using Yu as an online brand for complementing its offline sales.

Micromax has many firsts to its credit when it comes to the mobile handset market including the 30-day battery backup, Dual SIM Dual Standby phones, QWERTY keypads, universal remote-control mobile phones, first quad-core budget smartphone etc. The brand’s product portfolio embraces more than 60 models currently, ranging from feature rich, dual- SIM phones, 3G Android smartphones, tablets, LED televisions and data cards.

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