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How Robots Power eCommerce Warehouse / fulfillment strategy ?

October 20th, 2016

amazon-warehouse-robotseCommerce is not just about selling online but the bigger part is fulfillment strategy. The Automation of warehouse has gone the robotic way for order fulfillment which streamline the process of picking, packing and shipping eCommerce orders for delivery.

In Amazon, any online order can be processed in as little as 15 minutes (from the time a shopper places the order to when his/her picked, packed and labeled package is sitting on a delivery truck). This compares to a roughly 2-hour average processing time in non-Kiva-equipped Amazon fulfillment centers.

Amazon engineers and developers continue to improve its order fulfillment systems as Amazon is well known for its expertise in software development and can provide ample ground for testing in its FCs. In 2014, Amazon unveiled its 8th generation fulfillment center which utilizes robotics, Kiva technology, vision systems, and almost 20 years’ worth of software and mechanical innovations.

Kiva’s integrated inventory storage, quality control and order fulfillment systems not only expedite order processing (2-3x vs. pick-to-conveyor and 5-6x vs. manual pick-to-cart / pick-to-pallet environments, according to MWPVL International, a supply chain and logistics consulting firm) but also improve order accuracy and optimize warehousing. Its adaptive and dynamic software algorithms are constantly seeking new efficiencies to improve throughput. Such optimization helps cut costs in more than one way.

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