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Advertising Shift to Personalized / Targeted

December 9th, 2016

mobile-personalized-ads Currently news applications take both active and passive approaches to providing customized user experience to subscribers or normal users. In 2017, we see major players continuing to enhance their technologies, leveraging off their strengths in Big Data, AI, VR technology and personalization algorithm to improve user experience and perform more relevant ad targeting. For example, by making use of big data technology, users will passively receive push recommendations on relevant news articles based on previous browsing record and user interests and preference.

AI technology not only allows the app to learn and understand the users for more accurate push of news and advertisement, but also enables other special features such as voice technology. For example, Mobile Baidu can read out the news articles selected on newsfeed.

At the same time, according to Hexun News, that it makes use of VR technology for 360′ panorama live broadcasting. In the future, it will develop a technology that allows users watch panorama live broadcast without a VR device.

News is one of the highly consumed content on mobile devices and it is used multiple times during fragmented time slots throughout the day with time spent each time lasting several minutes to an hour. Users can subscribe to channels that they are most interested in, which can be on particular keywords, authors or categories.

Going forward, Competition in news applications will further intensify with major players likely to go after the same ad budget pie as similar group of advertisers. Budget shifting for traditional advertisers from brand ads to performance-based ads could help push ad demand to a higher level in the short term.

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