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Eros Strong FootHold in Mobile Monetization

December 13th, 2016

eros-mobile-moviesEros International, the movie producer embraced swiftly partnerships with Telcos for content distribution as well as threw open its own Mobile App and gained commendable traction in monetization.

Recently EROS announced a multi-year deal with Vodafone which will put Eros Now on Vodafone Play. In this newly signed deal, Vodafone Play subscribers will receive access to the Eros Now content in addition to Vodafone’s existing content offering. The available EROS content will be equivalent to the Basic package which includes a more limited offering of TV shows and movies and costs 50 rupees per month. We estimate that EROS will be receiving in the range of 50% of this subscription fee or approx 25 rupees / sub per month.

With an estimated ~25% of mobile market share, Vodafone possesses a considerable addressable market to distribute its new product. Currently, Vodafone Play is being offered on a promotional basis (1-3 months) after which it will cost approximately 200 rupees / month. From EROS’ perspective, Vodafone’s strong penetration in metropolitan markets represents an opportunity to tap into a desired demographic.

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